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  1. Stun : The unit cannot take any action. With...

    Stun : The unit cannot take any action.
    With Stun, you can attack the enemy without retaliation, and you can use on it effects as you see fit. At the enemy turn, they can remove the stun, buff the...
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    Hi' I'm MujinTengu

    Hello everynyan...:D

    I'm MujinTengu, new here and all

    Nice to meet you ladies ;)....ahm...I mean guys

    Anyway, let us have a good day!
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    Balancing Proposals

    I've made a list of cards with some required changes.
    If you see something that does not look right, hit me...And I'll explain why.
    Before I start, I want to say that Cronos's Ability should not go...
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