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    I do not agree by any means. In other games you...

    I do not agree by any means. In other games you pay dozens and hundreds of pounds/euros in other card games to keep up opening packs, getting cards you don't care about. Is this better?

    What I...
  2. Please help: Weird nickname display font bug

    Hi there,

    As you can see as displayed even here in the forum, there is a problem with the display of my nickname, both here and in-game. There is something wrong with the way the "O"-s are...
  3. My suggestions how to improve the forum visuals

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, thank you for bringing HoGS to life. The game is a fresh air :)

    As a graphic and web designer I would say that a good game like this needs a better-looking forum :)...
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