General Changes

Refer a Friend
  • Each friend that you refer that reaches level 7 rewards you with 1 card pack.
  • Having 10 referals reach level 7 rewards you the Pandamonium Odin leader skin!

Improved enemy feedback
  • Enemy threats are indicated by a yellow exclamation mark that is placed above the units head.

New Card art
Banished, Chao Feng, Kang, Teleport and Valhalla's Blessing all receiving new card art.

New Summoning Stone FX
When you reach a health threshold of 13 Health or lower the summoning stone will change and fragment to signify the amount of damage it has taken.

Turn Notification

Added new turn notification.

Chat Notification

Added a chat notification in the bottom left of the screen.

Combat log
Leader ability will now show in the combat log.

New Cards

  • 2 mana, 2 Damage 1 Health.
  • WarCry: Enter a friendly unit and give that unit +2 +1.

  • 4 mana, 2 Damage 4 Health.
  • While in play, enemy units that move take 1 damage.

Balance Changes

Ao Kuang
  • Attack reduced from 5 to 4.

  • Health reduced to 6.

Bastet's Cats
  • Now classed as Beasts.

  • Reduced cost from 3 to 2.

  • Reduced cost from 3 to 2.

Crescent Blade
  • Increased cost from 0 to 1.

  • Reduced cost from 1 to 0.

Dragon King
  • Cost Increased from 5 to 6.

Fire Giant
  • New passive: Cleave, Warcry: Deploy two Fire Imps.
  • Increased cost from 7 to 8.
  • Attack reduced to 5.
  • Health increased to 8.
  • No longer has Global Guard.

Focused Blast
  • Damage increased to 3.

  • Passive now gives +2/+2.

Nu Wa
  • Ability: Add a crescent blade to your hand and reduce it's cost to 0 until the end of your turn.

  • Reduced cost to 1.

Scion of doom
  • Warcry damage increased to 2.

  • Health reduced to 2.

  • Now has charge.

Stone Guardian
  • Health increased to 3.