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    Hand of the Gods is Coming to Console

    We at Hi-Rez Studios are excited to announce our next adventure into the world of Console gaming. Starting very soon, you will be able to enjoy the tactical brilliance of Hand of the Gods from the comfort of their own couch!

    Closed Alpha Signups for Hand of the Gods on both PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One are starting right now, and we will start welcoming players into the Alpha in the next few weeks!

    • Register for the Hand of the Gods Xbox One Closed Alpha by clicking here
    • Register for the Hand of the Gods PlayStation® 4 Closed Alpha by clicking here

    Our core, early adopter PC Beta Community have already recorded over 2 million matches in just a matter of months. Our community has helped us create new features, iron out bugs, and shape Hand of the Gods since we entered into Open Beta less than a month ago.

    Now it is time for the console community to shape their own fate. Commanding mythical Gods and creatures from 6 ancient pantheons, you’ll build your Armies around world-renowned deities. Lead the Greek Gods of Olympus as Zeus, create your own Ragnarok as the Norse All-Father Odin, or raise the dead with Ah Puch, the Mayan Horrific God of Decay.

    Hand of the Gods combines the rich variety of a collectible card game and tactical depth of a turn-based strategy game, bringing your units and spells to life in full 3D on a chess-like board. It’s not always about what card you draw, but how you can outmaneuver, outwit, and outplay your opponents on the battlefield to come out victorious.

    Sign up today for the Hand of the Gods Console Alpha and forge your own battles in Hand of the Gods as you build your Deck, command the Gods, and Play for Free.

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    Yesterday I got both of my invites for the Xbox One and PS4, but both codes were the same which was for PS4 even though it had Xbox on it. I was wondering how can I get the right ones for the Xbox One?

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    Are invites still being handed out?

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