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    What I'd like to see

    I've been playing HotG alot since getting my code earlier in the week. I'm level 27, aiming towards 30 by tonight or tomorrow, and these are some thing I feel could change (I haven't played much PC, so if someone who has could inform me if these changes are coming, and just not on console yet, that'd be great)

    • A Glossary
    • Shorter 'End Turn' button press if you're out of moves
    • Faster way to gain Favor
    • Larger Text on Quest Log screen

    Glossary: A glossary would be a great alternative to a full tutorial, enabling players to go in and read up on different terms and mechanics in-game would be a great addition. I didn't even know about Fatigue until I died to it.

    Shorter 'End Turn': The 'End Turn' button when you want to end your turn prematurely is currently at 1.5-2 seconds (I haven't timed it, but it's an estimation), if you are completely out of moves for the turn, the UI should change colors, and should end turn faster when you hold the button.

    Faster Favor: I'm level 27, with a record of something like 34-12. I've opened up 10 packs in that time frame, and it's only going to get slower. I recommend raising the favor per win (Maybe a win streak bonus?), and as your leaders get to higher levels, raise the level up reward? I know it shouldn't be TOO easy to gain favor, but 10 per win is really slow accumulation.

    Larger Text in Quest Log: Currently, if you go to the Quest Log page, the Leader levels are practically unreadable, and should be adjusted. This is minor, since levels are much more legible on the deck screen (at least for me)
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    I totally agree with your ideas!

    Cards also need many changes... there is no balance.
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    Thanks for the feedback! Please note that the console version is currently in Alpha and has a number of features disabled right now.

    This is something we want to implement in game, but development priority is currently on other aspects of the game. We DO have an advanced Rulebook for Players that details out card priority, sequencing, and how all mechanics inside the game work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing

    End Turn
    I'll forward that feedback to the Development team!

    Favor Gain
    If you've mostly been playing on Console, we have a new Login bonus that just came out with out OB 0.29 Update.

    Larger Text
    Feedback forwarded as well.

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    I would also suggest that the Dismantling of extra cards should give slightly higher returns. As it is it takes far too many cards to construct a new card, and too many epic/legendary cards are essential to successful ranked play - cards you will not likely earn or be able to afford by the time you get level 10, which makes the process of grinding just so that you can grind some more very unrewarding.

    Offering avenues for Runes to be earned through achievements in game, or achieving ranks/levels, would also be a great incentive to play casually as well as competitively.

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