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Thread: Hi I'm FiveLargeFries, One of your Forum Mods!

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    Hi I'm FiveLargeFries, One of your Forum Mods!

    Hi I'm FiveLargeFries, and I'm one of the moderators around these parts. I'm excited to be able to help you all where I can, while also helping to keep the forums running as smooth as possible.

    Like most of you here I'm very passionate about HotG! I take pride in being able to help the community where and when I can.
    When I'm not in the game, I'm on the fourms, subreddit and discord, as well as popping by any HotG stream I can find. I'm very sociable and friendly, so if you have any questions feel free to hit me up!

    I have a YouTube channel under the same name as my forum handle, as well as a twitter account.
    So if you want to follow me there you can:

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    Hi dude!
    Welcome to the community, and i'm sure you'll do a good job as a Mod!

    I will also help the community as I can!
    Favourite: Zeus
    Level: 15
    Useful Link: FAQ

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    Hi dear mister Moderator
    I couldn't help, but notice there are classes like Junior member, member, mod, admin (are there any more?)
    Are there any more, and how does one get to be something, well, not junior member?

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    Most roles are based on being active in the forums and making quality posts. hope this helps

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