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    Account linking

    No answer on twitter nothing here yet so here I try

    When will we be able to link out PC accounts with Console? it takes way to long to gain favor in order to get cards and i already poured money into the PC version. Is account linking coming or are we SoL?

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    Console has only entered a limited Alpha state recently. There has been no official decision made yet on account linking, but it will be explored as we move along with console development.

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    Well heres hoping we can :/ kinda disheartening not having my OP decks lol

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    Right. I'm a Small Streamer who only Streams on PS4. I bought the Founder and Venus on PC because it's not available on PS4.

    I want to support because I like the game and like Hi-Rez, but having to double up for these things on a budget is not fun.

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