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    Top 10 Thoughts and Suggestions List.

    Just some observations and such.

    1. A small Text bug that needs to be fixed. Sometimes the text of a Card will remain on the screen, blocking the view of a Unit. Especially when the HP is covered.

    2. VSG. I don't even know how to communicate. I can on the PC, super easy there.

    3. Adding friends. How? Where?

    4. Goes into 2 and 3. Tutorial. There should be a Tutorial where we add a Bot Friend, then send a Challenge to play the Bot Friend. In that Vs. Bot Match we would be shown how to use the VSG Commands to communicate. Also a nice way to give out another 100 Favor early. I mean seriously, I have Viewers asking how to Communicate in Games when I stream... and after a YouTube Search I still can't give them an answer.

    5. Founders Pack PC. Would be sweet to have this thing out. We understand it's in Beta. We understand Betas don't like to put off the image of being a cash grab. You're backed by Hi-Rez (Smite isn't going anywhere), and you're already stable on PC... we trust you. We'd like to get our Founders in to support. (Also, if we Founder on PC, will that Transfer to PS4?)

    6. Small Streamer Love. This is a new game, especially with the smaller community of PS4 (relative to PC). Guys like Birlibis are awesome over on PC. While some streamers, like myself (148 Followers currently) don't reach the same scope, it would be nice to get some eyes on the PS4 (specific) version of this Game. Obviously Hi-Rez wants all versions of the game to grow, but some of us Streamers are PS4 specific and Twitch specific, so giving some nudge towards this console specifically could help the die-hard Non-PC crowd get in.

    7. More Tutorials. I'm talking small 'Story Lines', similar to the Tutorial. We ran through as Anubis, quick and easy. We then got to be Zeus, on our pedestal doing a small version of the game (limited HP on Enemy vs. Arachne). You could do the same with each Pantheon, 'show casing' their Core Concepts. The Zerg Approach of Norse. The Spell Wave of Chinese. The God Rush of Greece. The Movement Control of Rome. The Healing of Egypt. The Zombie Control of Maya. Just a small game like the Zeus vs. Arachne.

    This would introduce the New Player to each Pantheon and expose them to many more cards, so they have a better idea when starting. Everything I see on YouTube about the Tutorials is awesome, people love them... but they need more.

    8. Mini-Game Modes. Each Pantheon could have Quests. It would be the Player vs. Bot approach of the Zeus vs. Arachne, and 'Winning' would still be the Main Goal, but there would be Objectives. Kill 10 of X in a Match. Win by Round Y. What ever. I mean, what the challenges SPECIFICALLY are doesn't matter and can be hashed out. The idea is just to figure out interesting ways to solve these 'problems' with our Decks. Plus, you know... rewards for doing so.

    9. Master Practice. The "Master" part just means "All Cards are Available", not just the ones we own. So we can 'Test' Cards before we get them (in terms of Crafting them).

    10. An Statue of me at Hi-Rez HQ. Okay, not really... but why end with 9 when you can finish it as a Top 10 List? So, toss 10 out, but my Top 10 Thoughts and Suggestions List is DONE SON!

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    Not to nitpick, but its VGS, not VSG

    Also, remember this is early Alpha, so account linking will be a while yet. Paladins on Console didn't get it for a LONG time. I hope they expedite this, as my PC account has Founders & Venus as well as a bunch of stuff I've unlocked/crafted. I can't play this game on PC anymore for a variety of reasons, so I have no intention of returning to it.

    Master Practice sounds good, but mini-games I'm not down with. Hearthstone and Duelyst had/have these, and they are generally terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DookieJenkins View Post
    Not to nitpick, but its VGS, not VSG

    Also, remember this is early Alpha, so account linking will be a while yet. Paladins on Console didn't get it for a LONG time. I hope they expedite this, as my PC account has Founders & Venus as well as a bunch of stuff I've unlocked/crafted. I can't play this game on PC anymore for a variety of reasons, so I have no intention of returning to it.

    Master Practice sounds good, but mini-games I'm not down with. Hearthstone and Duelyst had/have these, and they are generally terrible.
    VGS, thank you!

    It is Alpha, and this will be my first Alpha/Beta to participate in. I come in knowing things will be stripped down at this stage of development. I also may be overcome by an exuberance of enthusiasm because of this being my first Alpha. I'll openly admit to that.

    Being said, I think there IS a responsibility here for us to do our part in helping to make this as great a Game and Community as we can. (Not saying you don't agree, I see you have already brought your ideas and visions with a thread, it's what inspired mine.)

    On the Mini-Games, I'm hoping the idea is that Hi-Rez won't suck. In other words, I don't think the CONCEPT is bad, I think others have applied it poorly. I know the game used to be about moving your God as a 'Commander' ON the field. So that stuff is already there. Maybe they can recycle some of that for Mini-Games, while telling an engaging story, while having some Rewards for certain Achievements. It can be something 'Completionists' chase, and something those not interested in ignore.

    Mainly though, IF DONE WELL, I see them as a 'quick play' way to gain more Rewards. Maybe a Set Card for finishing each Story, of the proper Pantheon. If these become a really deep and engaging thing, maybe a God Skin for Completion that is Unique and only able to be had by finishing these Mini-Game Stories.

    Just ideas.

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    #11. Just found out about Fatigue Damage and 'Decking Out'. We could REALLY use having this in a Tutorial.

    Could be very simple. You have 1 Card in Hand and nothing on the Field as Zeus. That 1 Card is Athena. You drop in on smalls protecting the Enemy Summing Stone. You have just enough Damage to kill it before your Decking Out Mechanic costs you the game.

    We'd see, in effect, the 'cost' of Drawing with no cards on our Summoning Stone with this.

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    There are many concepts in CCGs that are hard to teach, but Fatigue should be something in a tutorial - I didn't know it existed in HotG, as I've never pushed through a full deck. Tempo is perhaps that most important given that no matter the meta it will always be an essential element of the game.

    I do like the idea of having "completionist" style content in the form of special game modes or bot matches. I will say that most of the Hearthstone Adventures are good. Something similar would be good, but more in line with the existing tutorial - as in a complete departure from the standard way the game is played, and more like the Anubis section of the tutorial.

    As for what can be done here in the Alpha, I think having better explanations on some of these concepts would be helpful. I see so many players in this game make fundamental mistakes that are central to CCGs, like dropping tempo because they don't understand card value or how favorable trading works. Another thing I see A LOT of are people passing within the first 3 turns - this will lose you the game 90% of the time. So much of CCGs are based on prediction, and math, which is why fundamental mistakes can throw a game. Giving a section that just describes the terminology in game would be helpful.

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    I agree with #7 about the tutorials/story lines. As it is now, I have no idea what makes any of the gods/pantheons differ from each other. I shouldn't have to scour the internet to figure out what makes each class different. I'm just hanging out with ol' Zeus for now.

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    A lot of CCG concepts are kind of universal but go by a bunch of different names. Terms to know:

    Value = The +/- value a card has based on its Mana Cost and Stats (see my value post in this forum for more on that)

    Tempo = Pacing, or Momentum. This is hard to define in HotG since the board and positioning can lead to swift Tempo changes. You can think of it like this: If your opponent is having to react to your plays, then you have Tempo; if you are reacting to your opponent, then they have Tempo.

    Trade Efficiency = This is easy. When you use a unit to attack another unit, if the mana cost of the unit you destroy is higher than the mana value of the unit you are sacrificing, then that is an Efficient Trade. Typically, Aggro decks will have poor Trade Efficiency in favor of gaining/maintaining Tempo.

    Mana Curve = This is often referred to "staying/playing on curve," and it basically means using all your mana each turn. Playing on curve is important in the early and mid game, but not as much in the late game where deck conservation is important to prevent fatigue. This is a bit more complicated as many who play CCGs will be quick to point out, as staying on curve can mean a lot of things. The general idea is using all your mana each turn to play cards during the phase of the game where they are most effective.

    Fatigue - Damage received when you have no cards to draw. In most CCGs any card draw on an empty deck results in damage. In Hearthstone as an example, each turn you draw cards on an empty deck increments the damage received by 1; so the first turn you take 1 Damage, then 2, then 3, etc. Fatigue Decks leverage this strategy by sacrificing Tempo to "rope-a-dope" an opponent into a slow late game where they just let the opponent's deck run out and do extreme damage to them through card draw mechanics.

    Aggro = This is a strategy where you use units that "do something now" like Charge. However, cards that deal damage to other units, stun units, etc. all fall into an "aggro" strategy. The idea is that you play units that act immediately to gain a huge Tempo advantage. Aggro is often a counter to heavy Control decks, but is extremely susceptible to Tech Decks and Fatigue, since they can pace themselves into the ground.

    Control = Using cards to control the ability for your opponent to act. Control decks live and die by their mana curve, and often have a very predictable order of units that they will play each turn. As an example, Roman Control decks will often play the Turret turn one, then a 3 Mana cost unit turn 2, then the God Ability + 2 cost minion on turn 3. This will be consistent, and difficult to work around - thus Control. The mana curve is what allows Control decks to stifle Tempo/Aggro decks, but it makes them susceptible to Tech Decks that will have more direct counters to specific control strategies.

    Tech Deck = Tech Decks are kind of hard to explain. In HotG you could argue that all decks are Tech Decks, since each pantheon has ingrained synergy cards. As an example, the Beast Deck for the Chinese pantheon is a Tempo Deck, while the Spell Decks are more in line with a Tech Deck - Blade Forge + Chang'e + Guan Yu. This term too can be ambiguous and what some might consider a technical deck others will consider a Tempo/Aggro/etc deck. Basically, if it relies on synergy between cards as a win condition, it is usually a Tech Deck.

    Net Deck = A deck you get from the internet. Competitive/Ranked Decks are all considered Net Decks. When climbing through Ranked net decks are what you will use.

    Positioning = This is obvious in HotG, but in most CCGs positioning refers to the order units are placed as to protect some from splash effects applied to others.

    There are many more terms, but I consider those some of the most important to know for beginning/intermediate players.

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    Oh, and....

    Jank = A cheap gimmick that exploits overpowered cards or card synergies as a win condition.

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