I am Jones, but I mostly go by Neravarine ingame and I have came here just to say hello.
Currently I am playing Paladins as my main online game, apart from that I play a few single player games as well.

I did a few games at Hand of the Gods and since I am a fan of turn based rpg/strategy games, I cant stand jrpg, and I have played quite a lot of them(HOMM,Kings'Bounty, Divinity:OS, AoW, Blackguards, Disciples, Banner Saga... are ones that currently come on mind) I think that I will find HotG to my liking, tho dead enemies returning full damage is a little bit unclear to me, and I am not a big fan of card games but I do not mind them either.

All in all, you might see me here from time to time, gl and hf.