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    General Turn Based combat sense

    I am kind a new here, but I have played most turn based games there are, Japanese games excluded, and there are some rules that are present in almost all of them, and those rules can be understood with the simple common sense.
    Now whoever designed some aspects of the combat for this game, has either never played any turn based game, or just though that some of the common sense rules should not apply:

    Range character adjacent to a melee character can walk away from a melee character unharmed and then shoot a melee character w/o any worry of melee one retaliating. This is just ridiculous making a range chracter way stronger then a melee, since for some reason range characters retaliate to another range characters.
    Common sense here would be to implement retaliation damage whenever character leaves adjacency of enemy character w/o attacking them, also some characters should have ability to leave combat unharmed.... like in every god damn other turn based game.

    Dead Characters returning (full)damage, This is another one that you took from a card games without even looking at turn-based games, now this has some sense in card games, you have no positioning there, you just have cards on deck. This is the 1st time I saw dead characters doing full retaliation damage.
    You guys are making a merge between Card game and a Turn-Based RPG/Strategy, you should not just implement card game rules as is and leave it at that, card game rules work for card games and you might not notice this, but this is both TurnBased and Card game, so leaving it with only card game rules makes a little sense.

    Spamfest decks--- wont do much comment on this, I just find it annoying.

    All range characters returning dmg at range. . . . rly ... rly ?

    And Again, this is NOT just a card game, go play some turn based games and you will see what I am talking about.

    Now this might sound rude to some, but whoever tells me that this is only a CARD Game can go paint his hair pink and play yugioh with toddlers for all I care.

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    So what's so wrong with it Being a little different? You expect every card game to be the same? It makes perfect sense for ranged characters to have the upper hand but there's still cards that can stun them or banish them or make them melee attack even. It's not that big of a deal

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    My issue is that this is not just a card game, its turn based game as well, and it uses card game rules fully with total disregard for turn based part. And there is a reason why most of turn based games have some sort of retaliation on leaving "combat", or range characters just do lower dmg at melee range. Also retaliating dead characters is also totally card game rule, never saw it on turn based game, and for a good reason, dead characters do not do dmg.

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