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Thread: [XBOX ONLY] Open Beta 0.30 Patch - The Hindu Pantheon Release

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    [XBOX ONLY] Open Beta 0.30 Patch - The Hindu Pantheon Release

    What’s New

    NEW Neutral Cards!

    Lernaean Hydra
    • Legendary, 6 mana, 5/5, melee, Can only take 1 damage from a single source. Whenever this unit attacks gain +3/+0.

    Poisonous Hydra
    • Legendary, 4 mana, 4/4, melee, Add a Poisonous card to your opponent’s hand.
    • Poisonous: 2 mana, Your Summoning Stone takes 4 damage if this card is in your hand at the end of your turn.

    Rapacious Satyr
    • Common, 4 mana, 3/3, ranged, All enemy units played on the same row as Rapacious Satyr take 2 damage.

    Satyr Pathfinder
    • Epic, 6 mana, 7/4, melee, Your opponent can only play 1 card per turn.

    The Hindu Pantheon is Here!

    Agni (Hindu)
    • Common, 6 mana, 4/4, ranged, Warcry: Randomly deal 2 damage to enemies twice. Reincarnate: Costs (7) and your Warcry now hits three times.

    Call of Avatar (Hindu)
    • Epic, 6 Mana, Copy every friendly God in play and spawn an avatar of them. These avatars have Charge and die at the end of the turn.

    Bakasura (Hindu)
    • Common, 3 mana, 3/3, melee, Reincarnate: attacks now ignore immunities and protect.

    Dispatch (Hindu)
    • Common, 3 mana, Return a unit to its owner’s hand. Reincarnate: costs (4).

    Echo Blast (Hindu)
    • Free, 3 mana, Deal 3 damage. Reincarnate: now deals 1 damage.

    Flourish (Hindu)
    • Common, 3 mana, Give a unit +1/+1. Reincarnate: now gives +2/+2.

    Illusion (Hindu)
    • Rare, 5 mana, Create a friendly clone of any unit in play.

    Kali (Hindu)
    • Legendary, 6 mana, 3/3, melee, Warcry: Kill a unit with 4 or more health. Reincarnate: +3/+3.

    Kumbhakarna (Hindu)
    • Rare, 4 mana, 0/6, melee, Guard, Has 0 movement. Reincarnate: Gains +6/+0 and 3 Movement.

    Moksha (Hindu)
    • Rare, 3 mana, Silence a friendly with Reincarnate then deal 5 damage to an Enemy unit.

    Pact of Artha (Hindu)
    • Common, 2 mana, Change ownership of two units with the same mana cost.

    Pillar of Austerity (Hindu)
    • Epic, 3 mana, structure, 0/3, The next card your enemy attempts to play is countered and this unit is killed. Can be deployed anywhere.

    Pillar of Creation (Hindu)
    • Common, 3 mana, structure, 0/3, Whenever you play a structure, spawn a 2/2 Avatar with Charge. Can be deployed anywhere.

    Pillar of Earth (Hindu)
    • Common, 2 mana, structure, 0/3, All enemies have their movement reduced by 1.

    Pillar of Exile (Hindu)
    • Free, 2 mana, structure, 0/3, Can be deployed anywhere.Warcry: Banish a unit until this pillar is destroyed.

    Pillar of Fortitude (Hindu)
    • Common, 2 mana, structure, 0/3, All friendlies you deploy gain +0/+2.

    Pillar of Parity (Hindu)
    • Common, 2 mana, structure, 0/1, All enemy units have 1 less attack.

    Pillar of Patience (Hindu)
    • Epic, 4 mana, structure, 0/7, Enemy Spells cost 1 more.

    Pillar of Retribution (Hindu)
    • 3 mana, rare, structure, 0/3, The next spell your opponent plays is copied and added to your hand and this pillar is destroyed. Can be deployed anywhere.

    Prescience (Hindu)
    • 1 mana, rare, Discover the top three cards of your deck. Select one, place the others on the bottom of your deck.

    Rama (Hindu)
    • Free, 2 mana, 2/1, ranged, Your opponent cannot use their Leader Ability.

    Ravana (Hindu)
    • Legendary, 5 mana, 4/4, melee, Immune: Return Damage, Protect: 1. Reincarnate: gains Immune: Enemy Spells

    Tribute of Stone (Hindu)
    • Free, 1 mana, Give a friendly unit Protect: 1. Reincarnate: now gives Protect: 2.

    Vamana (Hindu)
    • Epic, 3 mana, 1/1, melee, Reincarnate: gains +3/+3 and attacks now hit all adjacent enemies.

    Void Zone (Hindu)
    • Rare, 1 mana, Target the enemy Summoning Stone. Until the start of your next turn, Silence all Enemy units who end their turn adjacent to it.


    • Spells that can be casted instantly such as the Mana Potion, now have a confirm state. This removes a lot of problems players were having with accidentally casting Instant Cast spells.
    • Arena Level requirement changed from Level 3 to Level 1.
    • Ranked requirements changed from Level 10 to Level 5.

    Console Specific

    • Re-worked in-game controls for a better experience.
    • Deck Tracker, Combat log, and VGS are now available.


    • Attack increase from 4 to 5.

    • Mana cost reduced from 3 to 2.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where units that had Charge and Warcry appeared with Warcry twice.
    • Gold cards now always appear on the left of the default card in the collection.

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    Adanas, I know you guys are busy, and you're probably tired of people asking, but us PS4 players are hyped for Hindu. Is there a patch timeline yet? Also I'm curious about Arena, if there's any news on that

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