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Thread: Deck Building Adjustments

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    Deck Building Adjustments

    I would like to see some additions made to the deck customization screens:

    1) Mana Curve: This should be pretty obvious. Every other card game has a way to visualize your mana curve, and this would be nice quality of life adjustment for everybody.

    2) Search: This would be beneficial to players who don't know the mana cost of each individual card and would help with finding cards for certain synergies. Ex: Beast, Structure, Spell, Draw etc.

    3) Possession filter: This would allow players to choose whether or not they can see the cards they don't have.

    4) Card auto-reveal: This doesn't have much to do with deck building but it would be time-saving for players to automatically see the cards they get when opening packs.

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    We're looking to get in the Search function and a card pack animation skip with our OB 0.32 Patch! The other suggestions are on our list, and will come in due time.

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