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Thread: Hand of the Gods Console Beta Frequently Asked Questions

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    Hand of the Gods Console Beta Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I get access the Console Beta?

    Players will be able to access the Closed Beta by purchasing the Hand of the Gods Founder’s Pack or Starter Pack. The Founder’s Pack bundle can be purchased within the PlayStation and Xbox Stores for $19.99. This bundle is loaded with content:

    In Hand of the Gods, you’ll receive:

    • Access to the console Closed Beta
    • 15 Core Card Packs, with 5 Cards per Pack
    • Legendary God Cards Enyo, Poseidon, Isis and Freya
    • Beta Limited Founder’s Icon
    • Beta Limited Founder’s Card Back

    Plus, you’ll unlock this bonus content in SMITE:

    • Exclusive Enyo Bellona Skin
    • Exclusive Hand of the Gods Loading Frame

    The Starter Pack is also available within the PlayStation and Xbox Stores for $4.99. This pack contains:

    In Hand of the Gods, you’ll receive:

    • The Exclusive Sunstar Ra Leader skin
    • 7 Core Packs (35 Cards!)

    2. I received an Alpha Code for console in my email, how do I redeem it?

    Xbox One
    1. Turn on your Xbox One, and log into your Xbox One account.
    2. Enter the Microsoft Store.
    3. Select Use a code.
    4. Enter your Access Key, click Continue, then confirm your free download of Hand of the Gods.
    5. Have fun!

    PlayStation 4

    1. Turn on your PlayStation® 4, and log into your PlayStation® Network account.
    2. Enter the PlayStation® Store.
    3. In the left hand menu bar, scroll to the bottom and select “Redeem Codes.”
    4. Enter your Access Key, click Continue, then confirm your free download of SMITE.
    5. Have fun!

    3. I have been playing on the PC and/or Steam Client. Will my progress transfer?

    We are currently not offering progress transfer from the PC version to the console versions of Hand of the Gods.

    4. Will console be on the same version as PC?

    During the Closed Beta period, console will be patched within a week or two of PC.

    5. Will there be cross platform play between PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4?

    Currently, there will be no cross-platform play for Hand of the Gods.

    6. What versions will console be on during the Closed Beta?

    Starting October 17th, 2017 the console versions will enter Closed Beta on the following patches.

    Xbox One: Beta Patch 0.31 - The Pumpkin Patch
    PlayStation4: Beta Patch 0.30 - Rebirth

    We will be actively working on getting both console versions to be released in parity, which will be slightly behind the PC version.

    7. Can I purchased Runes or bundles during the Closed Beta?

    Yes! Purchases were disabled during our Limited Alpha State while we worked on getting the console versions to parity with PC. Now that we are in Closed Beta, players will be able to purchased Runes and Bundles inside the Xbox One and PlayStation stores.

    8. Will there be Console exclusive content?

    Yes! Our initial Closed Beta Launch offered the Galactic Invader Ah Puch Leader Skin for PlayStation Plus members, and the Xeus Zeus skin for Xbox Gold Members. Both consoles also received the Tree Icon and Labyrinth Card Back.

    All console exclusive content will be cosmetic only, and have no effect on what cards players will have access to.

    9. Will my data carry over from Alpha and Beta to Launch?

    Yes, there will be no data wipe.

    10. Will the friend referral system be on console?

    The referral system and rewards found on the PC version of Hand of the Gods will be coming to console, but at a later date.

    11. Will I be able to obtain free packs by following Hand of the Gods on social media?

    Yes, head to https://www.handofthegods.com/#community, then select each of the social media platforms to follow. Once the system has verified your follow (Twitter), like (Facebook), and/or Subscription (YouTube), you will see a drop-down menu where you can obtain a code for Xbox One or Playstation 4.
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