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Thread: Bug Report

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    Bug Report

    Issue: Queue issues
    Platform: PS4
    Username/Gamertag: Graileon
    Time: 11:27am CDT
    Chose play, picked my deck, entered queue. After about 60 seconds in queue it returns me to the main screen and will not allow me to requeue until the game resets itself.

    Expected Result: To be in queue until a match is found.

    Comments: Replicated multiple times. After 1-2 "resets" I can get 1 match before repeating the cycle

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    Hey Graileon, thanks for bringing this and the graphics bug to our attention, we will take a look to see what's going on.

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    10/19/17 UPDATE
    Can find some matches but after about 90 seconds it returns me to main menu and refuses to let me queue until it "soft resets" by going to a loading screen and returning to main menu again

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