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Thread: PLEASE Implement Reconnect Feature

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    Unhappy PLEASE Implement Reconnect Feature

    Hello, developers.

    I sincerely request for a reconnect feature to be implemented into HotG. It is a crucial, necessary feature that will aid your players from losing in-game currency and real money.

    I can recall off the top of my head in multiple instances having a high win X/2 in arena and disconnecting on my last match. No option? How unfortunate for you, player. Where I may of obtained an extra pack had there been a reconnect feature.

    And as of this morning, I strongly feel I should of won my last Tuesday tournament match I entered with player X. After the opponent's turn, I would have finished off my opponent. Disconnect. No option? Sorry player, you cannot get your guaranteed $50 USD minimum prize. I can only imagine how many tournaments have been ran so far where honest players have encountered my situation.

    Regarding my internet; I rarely disconnect. In fact, I have one of the best internet services in California. If I do disconnect, its going to be for a split second.

    Please developers, please implement this feature so future players won't go through what I've just gone through today. Thank you.
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