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Thread: Bug? Buying runes or packs

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    Bug? Buying runes or packs

    Xbox One
    Time: 9:17 EST
    Userid: mikeysapper
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the game because I am reading the beta and ability to buy the founders pack on Xbox is today. I go to the store and still can’t buy runes? It’s just as it were before I see no changes or anything. I hit the Y button in the store and it had half a loading icon in the middle of the screen.

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    I did just go to the store from the Hub and now see where I can buy the packs and runes. Will this translate into the game? Before I buy I would like to make sure.

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    One more thing. It says in a post that we would get a free pack with the Zeus skin or did I read that wrong?

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    We are working with the Xbox Store to fix the pricing of the Xbox Gold bundle. As for Runes and the Founder's Pack, transactions should be active in the Xbox Store.

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    Thanks so much, I bought the $24.99 bundle to go ahead and get everything. It only gave me x5 core cards, then I realized I read it wrong and thought it was the founders pack and the Venus bundle together, I’m stupid and should have just bought the founders pack.
    As always just throwing money at the screen. Sigh

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    I bought the gold bundle on the store by accident as o described below. I contacted the Xbox support and they refunded it because I already owned the game from being an closed alpha invitee. So maybe you could fix that from being bought if we already own the game? I messed up and thought it was like the founders and Venus bundled together lol... but they did refund it and now I bought the founders pack no problems.

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    Glad you got your issue fixed, in terms of the pricing on the gold pack, as JNash has stated they're working closely with Microsoft to fix this issue.

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