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    turn time

    70 seconds is a short time for a turn

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    Hey, i would say 70 is much to long...
    I would say 30-40 sec is enough.
    I had a match, my opponent used almost all of his time each time ... that was very annoying. You can see what happens you can already think. It's not like you have to close your eyes as soon as you press "End round". After that I decided to play against the AI, because it doesn't take so much time and it's much more fun for me.


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    It's both long and short, depending on which side you are on. But by playing HotG you accept the implicit play contract: each player has the same time to play. Not everyone has the same age, the same analytical skills, the same logic or way of thinking, and so on. It is therefore necessary to take his trouble and wait until the opponent has finished his turn. The important thing is not to play fast, but to be fair, polite and to go at the end of the game. Unfortunately, the players I describe are quite rare, which is why I only play with my friends or against the AI.

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