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    Bug Report 10/23

    Issue: Hindu Win Daily Quest
    Platform: PS4
    Username/Gamertag: Graileon
    Time: 9:36 CST

    The Daily quest for 3 Ganesha wins states: "{Msg ID:1000167174 not found} for the title and {Msg ID:1000167175 not found} for the quest text.

    Expected Result: Should state "Win 3 games with Ganesha

    Comments: Quest is still recording wins, have not finished quest yet to see if rewards are still obtained.

    As of this morning the Graphics glitch that does not show the Gods loading in is still present for all Leader Gods except Ra. The game also still kicks you back to Main Menu when sitting in queue for 60-120 seconds and will not let you re-queue until the game is either restarted of "soft resets" by going to a loading screen after approximately 180 seconds and re-returning to main menu. This last bit makes playing on PS4 extremely frustrating and may deter players from playing.

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    The fix to the Hindu quest will come with the next patch update to PS4.

    We are looking into the gods not appearing as a match starts, as well as server issues that are causing players to be kicked back the main menu after queuing.

    We apologize that this is happening, as it certainly takes away from the gaming experience.

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    I know you guys are working. Just trying to actually be helpful reporting things during the alpha/beta phase.

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    Bug reports are very helpful for us to identify where we can improve the beta! Thanks for your input in reporting these issues.

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