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    Constant restarting

    I am sure you guys are aware of the issue but this is becoming very troublesome for me. Every day I login and attempt to play a match and then I get returned to the main menu. The issues started after the update but before I had a chance to play the game after the update I had already purchased all 3 Special packs in the store, built my decks and was excited to play just to find out the game was unplayable now. This is very disappointing, I want to know if you guys are going to find a way to make this up to those that purchased your product but aren't able to use it.

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    Are you on PS4? We are actively investigating this issue and will notify players when we have identified a fix.

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    I am having the same issue on Xbox one, I have also purchased the founder, competitor, and starter packs...this is very frustrating, I can't even get a casual game not to mention gauntlet being non functional...and the worst part is now arena is gone, and I got a ticket refund instead of my favor back

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    Hey Garignak, I responded to your post in another thread in regards to these issues. Check http://forums.handofthegods.com/show...&p=917#post917.

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