RKFL: APNX: Bug Report 10/25/2017
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Thread: Bug Report 10/25/2017

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    Bug Report 10/25/2017

    Issue: Gauntlet crash upon matchmaking
    Platform: XBOX
    Username/Gamertag: Mett2
    Time: 11:52 PM 10/25/2017

    Bug: After one win proceeded to matchmaking for second game once opponent was found game crashed and sent me to main menu. Upon attempt to re-connect by selecting gauntlet (pauper) again, It states I am locked out of the gauntlet for approx 6 hours. Seems due to fail to load during matchmaking and kicking me to main menu it counted as a loss for me. I was only 1-0 but, can only imagine how frustrating this would be for someone with several wins already only to lose to a failure to load during matchmaking.

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    We are actively investigating an issue with matchmaking that is affecting all game modes on Xbox. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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