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Thread: My feedback on the OB 0.33 Visual Changes

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    Unhappy My feedback on the OB 0.33 Visual Changes

    I really don't like the changes to the collection screen in OB 0.33. The screen just appears to disrupt the overall art theme of the game. I'd much rather like to see the same collection screen as OB 0.32 with the same number of cards per page as it is now. It will appear more coherent and less cluttered...

    Also, I like the UI changes in the actual game. My only concerns are that the deck tracker must be opened with multiple clicks, and that we can no longer see our player avatars. The deck tracker needs to be able to be opened at will, and many people like seeing the player avatars they have. Also, and this is more picky, but I wish the leaders kept their platforms or maybe make the platforms built in to the maps. The Chinese daytime map is a good example, it's not jarring but you can easily recognize what leader your opponent is playing as.

    P.S: When are we getting a mana curve added to the collection screen?

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    I'm agree with you and another problem it's the table, its too small now,at the begining when we had the leaders was perfect and the table was good,now with some creatures you can walk from one side to another side of table.I hope that they will bring back the leaders or a mode with leaders like the begining,many people like ideea with the leaders than this with summoning stone.If they dont change the table again I think I leave the game again like when they changed leaders in summoning .

    P.S You can implement in game a comand,where people can leave a feedback and report bugs because not everyone came here to report a bug or to leave a feedback.
    Another ideea, work more on chat, it's ugly

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    Hey guys and thank you for your feedback. We are taking in comments from all platforms to get an idea of what we can improve with the UI changes introduced in patch 0.33. Currently, the best place to leave feedback is within our official Discord server (https://discord.gg/XbbCs9G), under the #ui-feedback channel. With that said, your comments here have been noted and will be viewed by the team.

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