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Thread: Adding filtering options in Explore Collection

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    Lightbulb Adding filtering options in Explore Collection


    I'm looking to carry out a specific search in Explore collection where the query range is all cards (neutral and all pantheons) and the card filter can be set on attack power and health numbers.

    So far in explore collection we can search on a range set by a specific pantheon. We also don't have the attack power or health of the card as filters.

    This is clearly not a deck creating filtering action and more a research action for personal analysis, hence why it would make more sense to see mainly in Explore collection.

    If my feedback is deemed too specific, can someone tell me where I should look to get my type of query answered?
    I'll check out http://uikae.com/st/
    if no answers pop up soon but I posted here because I don't like having to switch between too many programs for my drafting of strategies.

    PS: If this type of feedback has already been given elsewhere, apologies I skimmed through recent ones but didn't see anything similar.

    Great job on the game so far, well worth my resource investment !

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    Hey End3rTig3r and thanks for your comment! http://uikae.com/st/ is a great resource for searching for cards. For this particular query, you may want to check out http://hotgtopdecks.com/cards/?q=%2Fcards%2F&view=table as well. The Hand of the Gods Top Decks site has a lot of information on cards and player decks.

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