Hi, I'm Keiku, and while I'm not really a staple of the community or anything, I just kind of wanted to talk a little about why I'm leaving the game and see if maybe Hi-Rez could use my experiences to help make their game better for everyone else.

To start, I do want to say Hand of the Gods is already way better than Hearthstone, if only because I can still earn currency aside from quests just by playing matches. So, even if I lose every match, I can still theoretically expand my card pool to complete my collection to someday have the cards to win against other players.

The downside, however, is that I no longer have the time or money to really keep up with the game anymore. Each new release of cards has certainly helped shake up the metagame and added some variety, but unless significant money or time is really invested, I've been unable to really keep up enough to continue playing in tournaments. Much like I did back when I played Hearthstone, I found myself playing less for the enjoyment of the game and more of a chore to try to earn enough currency to unlock the new cards so I wouldn't lose immediately to the latest releases every match. In the end, I had choose whether to devote hours each day on what felt like an endless treadmill of card collection that was slowly making me lose my love for the game, or to give it up knowing I would never be able to catch up enough to play the game competitively again.

Thank you for the memories Hand of the Gods, I'm not sure how a development team might solve these issues of TCG burnout, but I know how dedicated you guys are to your playerbase.