Comparing the Venus package to the founders package shows the Venus package is just lacking. 2 legendary cards versus 4... only 10 card packs versus 15. Sure you get some epics, but nerfs have degraded the value of the Venus package overall.

Previously the Roman pantheon was stronger (others have since been buffed), and Venus was useful. Now Rome is outside the top 5 playable pantheons in competitive... and Venus isn't useful. The Fire Giant previously had cleave; he's still good but nerfed. The blademaster was a big selling point of the Venus package previously, being a 4/7 charge that healed your summoning stone for 3 health -- it got nerfed to 4/6 charge, no healing. No one runs blademaster anymore.

Basically the top 3 selling points of the Venus package have been nerfed, and it hasn't been changed to add more value to it. Had I purchased the Venus package, I'd be pretty pissed off right now. I think you owe your backers more value. There's nothing wrong with nerfing cards, but make sure you make people whole and make it up to them.