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Thread: Can’t play cards

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    Can’t play cards

    Was playing grand melee just now and got a bug that made it impossible for me to play any cards from turn one. I play on ps4 and my user name is Dantastic24. Couldn’t play a single card, which lost me the grand melee match in the gauntlet. Sucked cuz I was on a role with 3 wins so far.

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    Did you happen to take note of your Match ID when this occurred? We apologize that this happened and will investigate this issue.

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    Not sure what you mean by match ID but the handle for my opponent was SACRA1989....? Is that what you mean?

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    This happened to me again (matchID : 1575655). This time it was during an arena match... really sucks during arena matches as they are so valuable.

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    Sorry, I didn't see the prior response.

    I'll get this info over to the team for investigation. We apologize that this happened again.

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