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Thread: Bug or Hack?

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    Bug or Hack?

    in 1 match i just had i couldnt Play anything besides the coin. i could target the Card i wanted to Play and it showed me all positions where i could place it. the Thing is the Card was strangely hovering around. in Addition as soon as i clicked the Card my Screen was nearly frozen, so not completly.

    i was able to move the Cursor around but the game responded like it was in slow Motion EXCEPT for the coin. it responded as fast as always all other Cards didnt. when i clicked the coin the game was out of slowmotion again. it was the only Card i was able to Play all others i could spam nothing happened.

    idk if anyone of you encountered sth similar.

    MfG Hotandcold

    PS: i have the Name of the Person i played against but i guess it would be against rules to post it (in Addition it could've been a bug as well) and if Hi-Rez Looks into it and its not a bug then they can see the Name of the Person anyway.

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    Hey Hotandcold, this does sound like a bug. Did you happen to record the match ID? Which platform were you playing on?

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    it was on pc and i didnt pay Attention to the match ID sry, i will if it happens again. but it was around 5-10 min before my post here so maybe you guys can check the games time. it was against a NüWa player and i conceded on turn2 cause nothing worked. i made a few games after but it was all fine again.

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    Do you mind opening the Hi-Rez Diagnostics and Support Tool for me and clicking the "Create Support Case" button? When doing so, please include as many details as possible about the occurrence, and be sure to click "Make Log File Zip" on the bottom-right side of the window so that we can have a log to better identify why this is occurring. Thank you!

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