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    Some other observations

    I posted my balanced and game play observations in the other sub-forum. These are some of my "General feedback"

    Temporary Art- One thing that caused me to quit paying for other similar games was that they stayed in Beta for extended periods of time, "read years" but they were pushing skins/special boxes etc that you can buy when they haven't finished developing the basic fundamental parts of the game like, card art.

    Tournaments- The current system is annoying and bothersome. I don't want to have to actively search to see if there is a tournament being held. You should have "in game" announcements or messages that allow people a week or so notice at least to prepare for a tournament. Getting a notice Wednesday night that there will be a tournament on Thursday morning at 10am is sloppy at best and that it's all managed through third party apps/websites makes it more annoying. I joined 1 of the qualifiers and it was controlled chaos. There were people playing round 2 and 3 at the same time. There were different rules in winners and losers bracket. I honestly feel like the organizers have no concept of how swiss works. Beyond that, there is the problem that none of it is managed by the system. Internal mechanisms for this would make the game feel much more polished. If you are going to push anything, this is the one thing that would set this game apart. In its current state it looks like a worse hearthstone with smite skins. Also, there need to be better ways to prevent cheating. When you see someone play a card on stream that was not in their deck list it really lowers the credibility of the entire tournament. I'm not going to call anyone out by name, because that isn't the point of his post. One example would be when you click the link for the 50,000 qualifier it still has the links to closed registrations for tournament qualifiers 1 & 2.

    Ladder rewards - Progressing from rank 30 to rank 1 in the ladder felt very unrewarding. There were no cut scenes, rewards or otherwise incentives to climb the ladder other than to pat oneself on the back. Would be nice to see rewards based on player rank, and preferably as you progress up the ladder. Obviously having this be retroactive would be nice for people who will not be climbing the ladder again. There is very little incentive to play once you reach rank 1. The game feels "solved" at this point.

    Community- There is no sense of community in this game. There is no lobby or place where we can chat or share ideas with other players, basically you are isolated from all other players making the game feel a lot like a single player CCG.

    The home screen seems nice, and I like the mode selection screen. Those parts of the game seem somewhat polished.

    I like the animations, although it would be nice to see more flashy effects all around. The battle part of the game feels more like an over-lay than an immersive experience. Increasing the number of effects would make this feel more polished.
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    I agree that the ladder needs to be rewarding. I think they should add a ranked ladder season system, where you get rewards at the end of each season based on your rank. Seasons should be every ~2 months or so.

    Some automated tournaments would be nice, although that's a lot of work to program in an interface that allows for best 2 out of 3, deck banning, etc. But once they've got an automated tournament interface going, they could run daily tournaments, at least on the weekends, with smaller rewards and tournament season points.

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    Thank you for this feedback; we are always curious to hear what our players have to say as we continue to polish our game! I'll pass this on to the team, but I wanted to address a few things within your comment:

    Tournaments - You mentioned that a player had a card that was not in their deck and was cheating. You have to keep in mind that there are many cards that allow you to obtain cards not actually within your deck, such as drawing from your opponent's deck or discovering a random card within a certain mana cost range.

    Ladder rewards - We are actually implementing ranked rewards beginning with patch 0.35!

    Community - Most of our community efforts are currently taking place on external sources, such as Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and the Forums. However, moving forward we are looking to add new media for community development within the game client!

    We have many exciting features that we are looking forward to add to Hand of the Gods and appreciate your feedback.

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    Thank you for your response.

    Ladder rewards- Excellent, I think this will be a great addition to your game. People like to have that small release of dopamine in their brain. These small rewards fulfill that for people and give them a more positive image of your game.

    Community- These are all great ideas and I can appreciate them all, but keep in mind that a game is all about creating an experience. You are selling your customer the ambiance. A small break from their cubicle, that bully at school, their annoying boss, whatever it is. People want to feel immersed into the game. Having community helps with this tremendously. There are many people who log into MMOs and sit in town doing nothing but chatting for that exact experience. Not having this is really doing yourself a disservice. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with in regards to the client itself.

    In regards to the tournament and the card in question. I may not be the best player in the game, but I didn't get rank 1 by not studying the cards and what they do. I don't expect you to know who I am, because I started the game recently. I am intimately familiar with the cards you mentioned and their effects.

    I realize this feedback came across a little more candid than my balance feedback, especially in the tournament portion. But it is important to understand that people who participate in tournaments as a primary income or to supplement their income take this very seriously and it is important to them to see that the proper steps are being taken.
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    I have seen read through both your general and balance feedback and greatly appreciate all the suggestions and comments you have left. As a team, we do consider the comments provided by the community when making changes to our game. I'll definitely be sure to bring up your feedback in both of these posts and hope that you continue to enjoy Hand of the Gods.

    I'm going to send a private message to you via the forums to follow up on the particular instance you noticed during the HRX qualifiers, as cheating is absolutely something that we take seriously.

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