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Thread: Arena ranked ladder?

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    Arena ranked ladder?

    I know there's a lot of stuff to work on in this game, and you probably don't have time to add things like this. However, it would be nice if there was some kind of an arena ranked ladder (ELO system or otherwise). That way we could see which players are consistently earning 8-12 wins on their arena runs.

    It could start off being as simple as just straight up wins/losses points, giving 25 points for a win and -25 for a loss. You could also give ladder point bonuses for high win runs, like +10 points for 6 or more wins, +25 points for 9 or more wins, and +50 points for 12 wins.

    Something like a ranked arena ladder would help highlight the top players and give them a bigger profile to attract viewers while streaming on twitch.

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    i hope they do it, id like to see how good i am at the thunderdome and im curious about who are the best arena players

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