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Thread: Would like a history or replay feature

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    Would like a history or replay feature

    I'd love to have a replay or history feature.

    I just played a ranked game and i'm 90% sure my opponent was somehow cheating or hacking to get additional card draw. He would get 2-3 cards each turn. That, or he had some spell in play that wasn't clearly communicated that let him draw 2 or 3 cards each turn. Either way, I'd sure love to know, but I have no way of knowing who I previously played or reviewing my previous games.

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    Did you happen to take screenshots or record the Match ID? We take instances of cheating very seriously.

    Keep in mind, there are many cards that allow players to draw extra cards per turn. Some cards that have this effect are Janus and Pillar of Patience, but there are also other means of drawing cards based on certain conditions being met or draws that activate upon playing a spell.

    Card history can be seen in the top-left side of the screen during a match, if you ever want to review what has happened previously.

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    Yes, but the card history is very limited and it doesn't show what happened on the last turn. Many times i've wondered what happened that got me killed, but I have no way of knowing.

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    You can scroll further back on the history with the mouse wheel on PC (on console you can just keep moving over to the left to see further back).

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