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Thread: Future of Smite Tactics?

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    Future of Smite Tactics?

    Hi Devs,

    I've recently started this awesome game. I have a long card game past since I've been playing TCGs and CCGs for around 20+ years now and I simply like the mash-up between a card game and chess not to mention the BEAUTIFUL animations.

    But there is one big thing I'm asking myself. When I look in the future then I can already tell that at some point "all" gods / pantheons are kinda limited. Let's assume u release more and more cards over the time then I guess that in max 2 years u will have brought out every god possible which limits the card diversity overall. I love the lore and the theme of god and pantheons but what'll happen in the future? Where other franchises can simply invent more and more themes u're kinda restricted.

    How are u going to face that issue? Release different versions of gods like e.g. pokemon TCG or MTG handles it? Or what's the plan? I know that this is way 2 far in the future to give a clear answer right now but since I'm going to support u guys I prefer to have at least a little hint about the direction we are facing. Would be cool to get any kind of answer.

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    Hey Whizzy,

    While I can't give too many specifics, I can tell you that we have a plethora of new card content ideas in store. We plan to keep delivering content that keeps the game fresh and exciting! Currently, every patch includes new cards, with every other patch releasing a "Core Set" of ~10 cards. We have also recently started to rework cards so as to ensure that underused cards are playable. We hope that you continue to stay up-to-date with Hand of the Gods and that you are as excited about future content as we are!

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    My dear nash....i can tell that i'm exited af
    Thx for ur insight. I'm always happy to support good quality games and this one is going to be big i can feel it. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to all the new content.

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    Thanks Whizzy, we appreciate your passion for Hand of the Gods and look forward to bringing new content to the game!

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