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Thread: Midrange Odin?

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    Midrange Odin?

    Hello there, dear community. Wanted to have your ideas on my midrange Odin.

    So it goes like this:
    2 x Cripling Curse
    2 x Valhalla's Blessing
    2 x Ansuz
    2 x The Rat
    1 x Sol
    2 x Gift of Munin
    1 x Surtr
    2 x Fenrir
    2 x Saggitarius
    1 x Frenzy
    1 x Gallus
    1 x Hel
    1 x Ymir
    1 x Loki
    1 x Freya
    2 x Blademaster
    1 x Fire Giant

    So as You can see I got the usual suspects here. Saggi's, Blademasters.
    Also I'm considering getting Valhalla's Blessing to fit that mana that sometimes one can leave behind. But don't know what to cut. It's either some late game or Hunter's sigil. Would like to have your ideas on that kind of thing. Thank you.
    However, i feel a bit lackluster in 3's area. When u don't hit that one of Sol or Decrepid Bowman. And have to hero power on 3 mana. FeelsBadMan.

    Deck edit. - 1 x Decrepid Bowman, Hunter's Sigil. + 2 x Valhalla's Blessing. Helps to fill your mana early, hopefully discounts Hel, Fenrir. Later on a decent draw mechanic.
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    Interesting list.
    I am not a fan of Fenrir (you have to wait too much to get it out of kill range).
    I am surprised that you didn't fit Thor in the list.
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    I mostly use him as a 4/5 on 4. If he get's stalled he gets bigger. Get's some favouritable trades. Also u can use fenrir as deicide or other removal bait.
    Don't know bout Thor tho. Good for rushing, but in the later game i feel it's gonna be a bit lackluster. If i feel dissapointed in other cards maybe I'll cut some for Thor.

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