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Thread: Pillar of Fortitude Bug

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    Pillar of Fortitude Bug

    Hello, since the last Update (0.36), the pillar of fortitude explodes at the beginning of the turn following the one where it was invoked. This completely invalidates the Ganesh decks, which have become unplayable. Thank you for correcting this bug as soon as possible.

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    yeah very bad

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    But it triggers some cards like Chieftain

    How about: "heal for 1 or else it explodes"

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    This is an intended change to the Pillar of Life (Ganesha Leader Ability), but should not be affecting Pillar of Fortitude. We will look in to this. Thanks for the heads up.

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    really? heal for 1 or it explodes is true? becose in french is not write and not write in patch not

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    Good evening, sorry for my translation error (I play in French). That's the pillar of life I'm talking about. When he comes into play, at the end of the turn he heals a hit point randomly and then at the beginning of the next turn, he explodes.

    You say this is the normal behavior of the "new" pillar of life? Why such a change ? You considerably weaken the Ganesha deck, if you permanently validate this modification!

    I hope this is just a try, otherwise there will be no more interest in playing Ganesha (as it is).

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    We will have the localized version of the Patch Notes updated to reflect this.

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    really? now, it's the worst power of the game, power of Ra a hundred times better of ganesh now. really bad and disapointing

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    Based on the data, Ganesha's actually performing pretty similarly to other Pantheon since Beta Patch 0.36.

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