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Thread: Imperial archer recruted by Râ

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    Question Imperial archer recruted by Râ

    As former player of Magic The Gathering (live and on PC), I wonder about the way your card game is programmed.

    During several games against IA (Ra), when she plays Recruitment on my Nu Wa deck and she gets an Imperial Archer, the power of the Archer is activated. I do not know if it's a bug or the normal mechanism of the game. But if we apply the pure logic, the recruitment is first launched (the card is invoked from the opponent's deck) and then resolved (the card arrives on the battlefield). After, and only after the resolution of the recruiting, the passive power of the imperial archer is active. So there is a stack management problem ... or not?

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    This has actually been the way that this card has worked for a while, but upon reviewing the logic of this interaction, we will make a change here so that a spell played to spawn the unit will not trigger Imperial Archer's ability. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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