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Thread: my thoughts on ah puch

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    Lightbulb my thoughts on ah puch

    Ah, is my favorite pantheon so obviously my opinions are bias but fair at least again, imho. puch can be strong but seriously lacking compared to other gods like Zeus, Ganesha, and Odin. here are some of my thoughts and ideas on some cards to make this deck better

    1. shrine of the dead and grave dig. Both should be reworked to making it like barter soul. It searches for every thing expect zombies, gaining a better chance of getting the cards you need. Being a zombie deck there's going to be a lot of re-dead zombies in your graveyard and picking one or even two of those up is frustrating and could seal the game for you.

    2. hun batz. IMHO the most useless card in puch's arsenal. yes easy to get out and possible silence bait but that's about it. In my experience hes has never been endgame material and at the very best hes killing 2 low mana cards. Instead of +1 movement i think is should be +1 heath.

    3. awillix. I fully understand why you did what you did because she was really potent and this decks bread and butter. However, due to the recent changes you've made, specifically referring to Oris made me reconsider. I think her effect should be reverted back to the original format and she should be limited to one. Or keep her current effect but spawn the zombie where the minion died. A 2/2 zombie that's near the summoning stone and can only move 1 space does nothing for anyone.

    4. chaac & Kulkulkan. These gods are very costly much harder to get out and set up. They should both have their mana cost reduced to 4, especially kulkulkan since you can only run 1 of him. Due to the format of this deck, it's very hard to get
    him back. Ex: I run 2 shrines, a grave dig, batter soul and occult deadeye and was still miserably unsuccessful of resurrection wich coast me many games.

    5. blight. It's this deck's one and only field control card witch will most likely only be used as such i.e a panic button. This card should do at least 4 damage instead of 3 since its such a late game card and chances are minions on field including the one that are freshly summoned will be higher than 3 health.

    Conclusion, these are my thoughts on how to make this deck more competitive. Especially with gods that had massive field control capabilities like Bellona and Zeus. I'm very interested in what other might think whether they agree or not. If anyone else has anything else to add please feel free, otherwise thank you for your time.
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    Thank you for this feedback! I will pass it on to the team. We appreciate your thoroughness.

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