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    Hey All!

    I an Michael "Nuka" DiLucca!

    I have been commentating HotG ST every weekend since the first community tournament organized by Kenneth.
    I have not played much of the game as much as I have watched. This is how I enjoy Hi-Rez's new release. I enjoy watching the evolving mechanics, growing community, and competitive AND friendly atmosphere. I hope you all give the weekly tournaments a try as I would love to have the chance to cast and critique you on plays. Likewise, I am always open to any and all casting feedback.

    If you are interested in meeting me please come by my stream additionally you can always find me on twitter

    A small bit about myself?
    I am fresh graduate living in Philadelphia with a degree in Computer Science, concentration in Game Design, and a focus in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality Technologies. I also stream every day 5 - 10pm EST!

    Much love!
    Thanks for taking the time to know more about me!

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    Nice to meet you here! See you in the forum, and maybe on twitch!
    Favourite: Zeus
    Level: 15
    Useful Link: FAQ

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