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Thread: Zeus, Odin and Râ grayed out

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    Question Zeus, Odin and Râ grayed out

    Hi, since this morning, when I want to start a game against the AI, I can't choose the deck Zeus, Odin or Ra because they are grayed out and their number of cards indicator (25/25) is red. I checked if identical neutral cards could be in these three decks, explaining a possible bug due to a specific card but there is no common denominator between these three decks. So where does the problem come from?

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    We temporarily disabled a few cards to address a bug. Arachne, Caldera Nova, Cataclysm, Fenrir, and Osiris were on this list. PC servers are coming down shortly to implement a hotfix; console will take some extra time. See https://twitter.com/PlayHotG/status/943888948350406656.

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    Ok, thanks.

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    You're welcome!

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