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Thread: AI deck greater than 25 cards !

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    Question AI deck greater than 25 cards !

    Hi, whatever the difficulty mode chosen, I see that the AI has more than 25 cards in his deck. The number varies according to the leader: 30 for Zeus (3 in hand and 27 in the draw pile), 29 for Ra (3 and 26) and 27 for Odin (3 and 24). Is this a normal mechanism or a bug?

    In addition, I also see that the AI never uses the power of its leader. Why ?

    Finally, in order to make the training more interesting, why not be able to choose one of its own decks for AI (including the other four leaders)?

    Have a good Christmastime.

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    Thanks for the heads up! We will take a look at this.

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    Considering the short time between my post and the release "Chaos in Rome", I understand that we should not expect such a quick correction of the bug, but can you tell us if for the next update the bug will be fixed please?

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    At the current time, reducing the AI decks down to 25 cards may not be something we will get to in the near future, as playing against AI is meant to be a training exercise and shouldn't affect regular gameplay.

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    It is regrettable.
    Thank you for the answer anyway.

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