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    Spawning Bug

    I haven't seen a post for this yet and not certain if it's just me but the issue I have seen since the release of the newest batch is this:

    When either Osiris (Egyptian) or Arachne (Greek) is played and the player ends their turn, the game becomes frozen.

    To clarify: both players are still able to look at your discard pile, highlight characters on the board and taunt. However, the player whose turn was to be next is unable to play a card or end their turn.

    It's easy to replicate and happens each and every time those two characters are played. And it doesn't matter if it's in the arena or gauntlet, the end effect is still the same.

    I should mention this problem only occurs when I play on my PS4 account.


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    We are aware of this issue and have gotten a fix out for PC. We are working to get a fix out on console as soon as we can. Currently, the plan is to get the hotfix out with Closed Beta Patch 0.37 next week.

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