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    You CANNOT have infinite value cards in a card game. That is just not acceptable game balance. Any game designer will tell you that is design 101.

    Now i see with the upcoming patch you are setting up for infinite minions from Ra. Who tests this stuff and says that is balanced but something like the Hindu God power was OP?

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    I dont know if you mean Sacrifice or Celestial Armor, but neither is true infinite value as far as I can see. I have enjoyed my own version of Afterlife Ra this patch, and I can see the downsides of both of the cards.

    Sacrifice poops on your tempo, simple. Obviously there are cards like Bastet, Decrepit and Tomb Warden for example that doesn't really care as much about this. All in all I think Sacrifice will now be an interesting card.

    Celestial Armor you need to remember that it is 8 mana. And who do you play it on? Whatever you play it on will for the most time require to withstand 2 targetings, which I don't many cards can. And if your opponent can deal with what recieved Celestial Armor in 1 target (attack or spell), then you have burned 3-4 mana on nothing at least.

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