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Thread: You made the Kraken a card?

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    You made the Kraken a card?

    You do realize EVERYONE will play that card to get their god power changed to that one. There is no power in the game even remotely close to the power level of the Kraken. Having it on 1 god in one pantheon as a Warcry was a way to keep it corner case and at it's current power level. Making it for everyone is like opening Pandora's box.

    this upcoming patch is basically making a whole new game where play and counter play are pointless since we will have gods with infinite resources and just power through all the removal in game.

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    I think the split can make it more possible to balance well. As we have seen with other "change leader ability cards", they are maybe not as powerful as one may think. The core issue is the same - do you run 1 or 2 copies of it? If you don't get it early, do you risk ruining your whole game plan?

    I think the standard Zeus is really good. Of course, in a longer control game (which isn't my prefered style of play) being able to change your ability to Kraken is good.

    But this way it's possible for the devs to change the mana value and effect of Kraken without affecting Poseidon as a card (whom I think is a bigger issue).

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