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    I assume that it is going to be in the final version anyway, but I want to mention it anyway..
    I'm not sure how extrem it is in casual mode but in Ranked mode I just get queued with people around rank 1 -5 while I'm just 29 atm.
    I mean it is a little bit frustrating to get matched against people who have a lot more experience than you in this game instead of getting matched against some people who are at your rank to climb up until you actually reach the point where you can fight them.

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    Hey Snaer, we try to match players against opponents of similar Rank, but the longer a player remains in queue, the broader the system will begin to search for an opponent. This is in place to try to reduce wait times before getting into a match.

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    I've had the same issue. Wasn't even in the queue for a minute and I got paired with a rank 1 and a rank 4 while I'm only rank 28.

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    We are currently working on making some improvements to the matchmaking process to help avoid this issue. Will be sure to including this in the patch notes when it's implemented.

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