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    Caldera Nova

    Is it by game design that an Opponents Caldera Nova card destroys my caldera's? that seems really bad design to allow my opponent the power to effect the caldera's i put in play and make a card in my deck dead weight.

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    This is intended, as even if both players have Caldera Nova in their decks, there are only 2 Lava Tiles (so as not to flood the board). This means that the Lava Tiles are technically shared, so either player's activation of the card would affect the Lava Tiles.

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    So in essence they can play theirs and make a card in my deck worthless? That seems really bad.

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    I didn't really see the point in this as it was. Bellona already has so much high damage removal, why did we need to give her more? There is no way to play against her removal either. Play against dishonorable....stay clumped, get shackled and wrecked. Play against shackles, get dishonorable. She's out of both? Bludgeon to the face, or a rain of arrows. She even has targetable removal. Now add that you have to avoid two lava pits that she can put you into at will and free if she plays gladiator. But I do agree that someone else using a card shouldn't make cards in your deck ACTUALLY useless.

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    She's not as good as you might think. Odin and NuWa rush are both decks that are way worse and end the game way faster. If anything the game doesn't have enough ways to remove all the threats the Face decks play currently.

    Don't get me wrong i mean rush decks are an important part of the game but when they can remove your board and continue going right to your health that's a serious issue.

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