RKFL: APNX: Discordia is a massive negetive play experience
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Thread: Discordia is a massive negetive play experience

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    Discordia is a massive negetive play experience

    Although I have not though every new card released has been good for the health of the game I have never felt the need to give feedback until now.

    Discordia is almost impossible to counter and can easily generate very high card advantages for the controlling player. She practically counters all control decks.

    I urge you to modify her text.

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    I have to say i have played against this deck as well now and it's really BS how this deck style complete screws any sort of long term value control. All a card like this does is turn the entire game meta into a rush with no other style playable because of this single cards existence.

    If you want her effect in game she should give the cards back at the end of the turn they were taken. That way all she can use are lower cost cards and not get so much power from dumping their hand and taking all the power cards you were playing for in the late game. I would also increase her cost to (5) so the player has no access to cards above level 5 cost.

    In reality this card should really be a neutral as well and not just for one Pantheon if she was worded how i stated above.

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    also the fact that you can do it not once, but twice is super aids. i cant fathom why you thought this was a good idea unless your planning to over power all pantheons. in witch case i support this decision. just make her a legendary.

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