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    When will design acknowledge Zeus has the absolute best curve in the game? their early game is WAY WAY to good against most of the factions. sure 1 or 2 can handle them early but the rest have to play a bunch of neutrals and hope for the best. Meanwhile Zeus just dominates the early game against the rest.

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    I just can't help myself - but to save developers some time I will do this for them instead

    I play the game pretty much every day - and can assure you at this moment there is no "play style" that is indefensible. Yes there are some that may gain an upper edge - providing opponents get their cards out as they need them. But everything can be countered. Not just by doing "exactly one available option".

    The aggro can be annoying to deal with - regardless of which aggro that is (whether it is Odin, Beast Wa or Bellona OTK, Hindu aggro). The game is far more complex than saying - it can be run only one way ...

    The fact of the matter is = this game is in BETA phase. That means cards are being added introducing new dynamics - some of which will get changed as well in future patches. Some cards may seem "broken" and they are - but most of that is down to certain mechanisms players find - when creating new decks. Cohesion and such. But the fact that different mechanisms are being introduced is something we should appreciate and work with the devs in providing a constructive feedback - not just moaning the ..... out of it.

    Discordia can be annoying but can also backfire the user (imagine a player running two discordias getting them both in hand)? What do you think happens then? Will he use one and give you an option to change the decks again? Ofcourse not. Hence Game over. There are also other disadvantages in running Discordia too - which all the players that have tried her, same as I did would be able to tell you.

    Similarly goes for the Zeus - yeah it can have a strong start - but far from this giving him an automatic victory.

    Th Nu Wa spells are also difficult to counter (inferno 8 dmg - right, the new 1 mana spell that can also do 10 dmg right ) - but that also does not bring automatic victory as such.

    Ra can be annoying with the afterlife cards - but will pay the price for it before getting it to work out. Ganesha can deploy limitless agni-s, kalis (if you also abuse dispatch) not to mention getting out fire giant in 4th round.

    The point is there are many ways you can abuse and certain players will abuse mechanisms which are in the game, but those mechanisms are not certainly staying forever! Its more or less a matter of time.

    What is clear to me is that you are not willing to spend time - trying to figure out how to counter certain play - styles, and you also need to understand the game will not be made/shaped so that just one individual can use his skills to play it the best way he can We players need to shape our playing - so that we can still get a win or two

    This game requires adapting to the meta - similarly as any other games. So instead of posting so many grumpy negative messages across all boards - man up - and learn how to counter. Give the game some love instead of hatred.

    And remember this is in the end of the day stil BETA!

    I am sorry for some harsh words - but sometimes it is necessary

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    My post was about the EARLY game not the WHOLE game. Zeus has very strong early game cards that are extremely difficult to counter from just about every faction outside of a really strong anti draw. That would be okay if some of the weaker early faction had a good opening curve or some very solid defense for it but some don't. Take Ah Puch for instance. Their opening 3 drop Bentz is an absolutely terrible card and needs to be reworked to do something proactive in the early game and not be a maybe mid but more late game flying bomb.

    I'm sure you feel all superior with your long winded post and such but i am giving constructive feedback about a very specific aspect of the game. If you want to comment about the entire game in general this is NOT the post to do it in as i wasn't commenting on the entire game.

    FYI i adapt quite well and i play the game competitively under my paid account. This is my FTP account so i can see how it feels for new players and those that choose to remain FTP.

    BTW if you understood how games like this operate you would understand that the first 3 opening plays are more important than any other plays in the game in nearly 90% of all matches. Having strong/flexible opening cards sets the tempo for the entire match will having no early opening cards that are of the same level means you are playing and hoping your opponent draws poorly. Not exactly a winning formula.

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