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Thread: No Dust?

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    No Dust?

    Just disenchanted 10 cards from two packs and didn't receive any dust....and the cards are gone.

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    What's your in-game name and on which platform do you play Hand of the Gods?

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    In-game name is Dracothuban and I play on PC. Steam if it matters.

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    From my end, I can see that on 1-10-2018, a minute before the original post, 9 cards were disenchanted for a total value of 26 Canopic Dust. Two minutes later, 2 cards were disenchanted for a total of 25 Dust, then the next minute, 3 cards were disenchanted for a value of 15 Canopic Dust. Does this sound accurate?

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    No, I opened two packs and they were all duplicates. I know I disenchanted 10 at once and did not receive dust. I don't recall playing any more after that but It was a bit ago so I could be wrong.

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    Do you happen to remember what any of the cards were? Information like this could help us in seeing what happened here.

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    No, I don't, I'm sorry. I will try to remember in the future if this happens. It isn't like it was 5 legendries in a pack so it isn't a huge deal. I just wanted to point you towards what might have been an issue.

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    Okay, thank you very much for the report. This is certainly something we want to be aware of and help avoid, should it arise again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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