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Thread: Rank 24 vs Rank 1

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    Rank 24 vs Rank 1

    I understand there aren't always people closer to your rank to match you up against. You shouldn't be punished as hard trying to climb the ranks if you are constantly matched against someone 10 ranks senior to you.

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    Hey Dracothuban, I responded to a similar thread in a separate Forum, but I wanted to share the information here as well. We try to match players against opponents of similar Rank, but the longer a player remains in queue, the broader the system will begin to search for an opponent. This is in place to try to reduce wait times before getting into a match.

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    I understand this, but not EVERYONE can be rank 1 right? If 90% of the game are rank 1-10 and everyone else is just treading water, then what is the point of a ranking system?

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