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    Need better way to see how opponents are getting cards back and hand size seemingly never changing. Just played someone who should have been out of cards but never had less than 6 in hand and endlessly summoned from Nu Wa.

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    Could we have more details on this? Without knowing the board state or which cards were played, it's hard to comment on how they may have maintained cards in their hand. In which queue did this occur?

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    I know we were both using the card Recursive Vitality. This has happened with Ah Puch a few times as well where they are digging cards up form their Graveyard. I'm sure he didn't cheat or abuse any game mechanics but it's hard to follow when someone has 1-2 cards and all the sudden a handful of 6+. Sure we can look back at some of the passed plays but the que isn't very long and honestly we should be seeing what they are pulling back. Unless the GY isn't open information?

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    You can use the mouse wheel to scroll back further on the recent plays bar to see something that may have been missed. Within the Deck Tracker, you are allowed to see what is in your opponent's graveyard, so you do have access to some information in regards to identifying which cards your opponent recovered.

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    Yeah i looked back during that game but didn't see anything. I think i know what is happening now though. I cannot reproduce it every time but i have seen Recursive Vitality return in multiples to my hand on a single God drop when Blade Forge is in play. It's weird because it doesn't happen all the time but a couple times i have seen it happen.

    I tried a couple times today to do it but it doesn't seem to happen now.

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    Okay, well certainly let us know if you experience this again, as this is not an intended effect. Thank you for your report!

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