RKFL: APNX: Discordia and Shock and Awe bug ?
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Thread: Discordia and Shock and Awe bug ?

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    Discordia and Shock and Awe bug ?

    I played Discordia (I had "Outmaneuvered" in hand). My opponent had 3 cards in hand ("Gem of Isolation", "Purification" and "Shock and Awe"). The exchange is done without problem. I played "Purification" on "Discordia", "Gem of Isolation" on her "Athena", "Shock and Awe" on "Athena" (the effect of silence was activated) and then selected "Discordia" but her warcry was not reactivated (so I could not recover "Outmaneuvered"). Is this a bug or have you limited the use of Discordia's warcry once per turn?

    The party ID is 5830364.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The team will take a look at this!

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