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Thread: Two copies of a legendary card ?

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    Two copies of a legendary card ?

    Sorry if I am not in the right section.

    Obviously, two copies of a legendary card in a deck is not possible? For example, two "Poseidon" or two "Phantom Grasp" in a Zeus deck. Does this result from a bug or a deck building rule?

    About rules and game mechanics, where can we find a complete and detailed manual, please?

    And do not send me back to the official wiki because it is incomplete and approximate.


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    You can only have one copy of a Legendary in a constructed deck. With that said, there are means to obtain more than one (e.g. Poseidon's effect can actually generate another Poseidon). The Arena also operates 100% randomly and therefore can lead to having more than one copy of a Legendary card.

    We have a (soon to be updated) advanced rulebook available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...Hhgyqe1JJxz_0/. Additional information on Mechanics can be found within another thread on this forum (see the comments as well): http://forums.handofthegods.com/show...-Game-play-FAQ.

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