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Thread: Playing Thor on god Ra?

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    Playing Thor on god Ra?

    I was just playing ranked (ironically as Odin), when my opponent (a Ra) spawned two Thor's during my match. He played one extremely quickly so I thought the UI was bugged and I was simply playing vs another Odin. But then, he spawned a Sobek and healed so it was not a UI bug.

    Really weird!
    Im not sure if this is a bug or hack but the guys name was SadistMeat if you can check it out
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    Hey ACowAteMyPie, there are a number of cards that allow users to draw cards from their opponents deck, spawn random units, or add random units (from any Pantheon) to their hand. In this case, your opponent could have played the card Recruiter, which spawns a random unit from his/her opponent's deck under their control. If it was during the late game, there is the chance that your opponent played 2 Recruiters, then Sobek, coming to a total Mana cost of 10.

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